Chris Dijkerman

Chris Dijkerman BEN2108

I am a neuropsychologist working on sensory processing for perception and the guidance of action. I gained my PhD, working in London and Oxford on sensorimotor consequences of hemispherectomy under supervision of Larry Weiskrantz and Faraneh Vargha-Khadem. Next, I spent a year at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol investigating outcome after stroke rehabilitation after which I moved to St. Andrews University to work as a postdoc with David Milner on visual perception and action.

In 2000 I started at Utrecht University, where I have been appointed  as professor of Neuropsychology in 2012. A copy of my inaugural speech can be found here (in Dutch).

(Research) Interests

Somatosensory processing (touch, pain, itch proprioception)

Body representations

Peripersonal space

Visual control of action

The research has been funded by grants from NWO (vidi, vici, project grants), de Hersenstichting, Het Parkinsonfonds, the Leverhulme Trust and the Scottish Department of Health




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